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[06 Jul 2020|09:01am]


....the only point in doing that which I can think of is to discriminate against people who fall into those categories.

No thanks.
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[02 Jul 2020|07:30pm]


This is completely a self vent. I'm not really looking for or expecting anyone to have any answers for me or my issues. they are purely my own and I just kinda have to get them out into the ether before they throttle me.

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[02 Jul 2020|09:12am]


It's been MONTHS and I'm still seething. I wish I could let shit go. I think I'm mad at myself for ignoring all the warning signs. I wanted things to succeed and, instead, I built up a world for greedy assholes who decided they didn't want me in it.
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[01 Jul 2020|03:09pm]


It could not assume what my character is doing with no IC or OOC communication, that would be great.
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[30 Jun 2020|10:51pm]


Not really so much a vent, but has anyone ever been -glad- to be flaked on? To be put in a situation/line that you're too shy and don't like conflict to have to be the bad guy ending it because holy fuck what the hell was that that i somehow got myself into.
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[30 Jun 2020|08:15pm]


I don't mind that a person's not interested. I totally respect that they're not interested.

That being said, it annoys me to no end when a person asks for something, I reach out, they don't even bother to respond, then they keep posting and asking for the same thing. Just acknowledge the inquiry and say you're looking for something else. It's courtesy.

Or when a person apparently removes the custom we're working on without following up and saying that they're no longer interested. Again, just say you're no longer interested.

Every time someone's responded to me and said it's not what they're looking for, I let them know that I appreciate their time and wish them the best. Well, except that one time where the person at least let me know in our custom, then removed me from accessing their journal so I couldn't tell them.

I swear, part of me wonders if there's some reputation I've got working against me that I'm not aware of.
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[29 Jun 2020|11:52am]


Some of you are really still out here in the 21st century badly depicting what you believe are "edgy" mental illnesses you know nothing about. Google is there. It's free. I can't pretend to understand.
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[26 Jun 2020|06:15pm]


Nothing quite like the smell of fresh hypocrite on a Friday night. Don't ever change bae

Cause I'm considerate like that. )
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[25 Jun 2020|04:27pm]


i am so tired of these sol panfandom games.
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